At quGeeks, we’ve become experts at building Quantum Computing teams. Our consultants come from the Quantum ecosystem. We speak the same language.

Our customers can be passive (by posting a job on our website) or active (by engaging us for a recruitment mission).

We work closely with companies to understand their hiring needs, calibrate our search on real candidates, then submit quality individuals interested to join. Our process includes quality control checks before, during and after each engagement.

We ensure that our customers get candidates who not only have the required skills, but also fit to their corporate culture and personality. We strongly think that matching cultures, attitudes and personalities is as important as matching technical requirements.

We strive to deliver an optimal balance of flexibility, quality and speed to market with is crucial in times of talent shortage.

We are pleased to discuss your recruitment needs. If you have a specific project on the horizon, contact us for a meeting to discuss the project scope and to explore how we can help you put together the team you need.